Treat Yourself, Splurghe a Little!

Introducing Splurghe, one of the newest clothing lines to making a splash this summer! Based in Philadelphia, this clothing line was born of designers Saicia Russell and Dantrese Canady. 

 You can find Splurghe designs on

Here's a little question and answer session I had with Saicia.

ILUS: So, how did you come up with Splurghe?

Saicia: It kind of just came to us. We thought about what we like to do the most (Shop), so it just made sense.

ILUS: Who is your inspiration?

Saicia: All successful women business owners (especially Oprah)

ILUS: Who is the Splurghe woman?

Saicia: She is a young and vibrant socialite. She is definitely a city girl. She enjoys shopping, traveling and going out in the city with her friends. She also is a risk taker and loves being the center of attention.

ILUS:  If you had the opportunity to design for one person, who would it be?

Saicia: We would design for Kim Kardashian. We design our clothing according to her body type. She would wear our clothing so well.

ILUS:  What is your favorite current trend?

Saicia:  Color Blocking

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